ReVeaLD - Real-time Visual Explorer and Aggregator of Linked Data
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ReVeaLD - Real-time Visual Explorer and Aggregator of Linked Data

ReVeaLD (Real-time Visual Explorer and Aggregator of Linked Data), a Visual Query System (VQS), was developed to facilitate the biomedical user towards intuitive formulation of advanced SPARQL SELECT queries using visual cues. ReVeaLD employs a click-input-select mechanism, where domain users interact with a concept map representation of the domain-specific language (in our prototype, the CanCO model available at, and stored in the 'data' folder), visualized in a force-directed layout. This approach allows the user to easily translate the knowledge graph for solving any domain-specific problem (examples provided), into a SPARQL query, without having any technical knowledge related to RDF, SPARQL and ontologies.

The formulated visual query model could be executed against any SPARQL endpoint (in our example,, but could be changed in the 'config.js'), and results are aggregated and presented in a tabular data-browser, with 'smart' icons for the retrieved resources. A set of concept-based graphic rules mediate the conversion of the query results to domain-specific visualizations (3D Molecular Structure for molecule, Bar chart for assay results, Pathway Diagram for biological pathways, etc.). The rules also govern the assembly of these visualizations in Lens-based dialogs, as well as link out to provide additional information on data portals like ChemSpider and PubChem. To further increase the usability of the ReVeaLD platform, a dictionary of biological titles was extracted and was used for allowing Single-entity search, as well as providing a more human-readable representation of the RDF URIs.

Live Demo :

Journal Paper : ReVeaLD: A user-driven domain-specific interactive search platform for biomedical research, Journal of Biomedical Informatic (February 2014), Volume 47(0):112-130, available at

Presentation :

Poster :

System Requirements :

  • Apache 2 Server
  • PHP5
  • PHP-CURL (Check support by pointing the browser to /info.php)

Dependencies :

TODO Technicalities:

  • The Links to ChemSpider and PubChem work in the live demo, but do not function when deployed as a standalone component on a APACHE Server, due to the Cross-domain AJAX limitations. This would be modified by provision of a server side proxy (Similar to how current SPARQL queries are executed)
  • The above also presents a problem for domain-specific visualizations in the standalone component
  • The code is very messy !!