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Inventory Management for Laravel 4 / 5
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🚨 Abandoned 🚨

This package was created years ago to supplement an internal application that was in development. The project was cancelled, and I have no time and use to maintain this repository. If anyone would like to take over and maintain this package, please contact me at, or create an issue.

Thank you!


Join the chat at


Inventory is a fully tested, PSR compliant Laravel inventory solution. It provides the basics of inventory management using Eloquent such as:

  • Inventory Item management
  • Inventory Item Variant management
  • Inventory Stock management (per location)
  • Inventory Stock movement tracking
  • Inventory SKU generation
  • Inventory Assembly management (Bill of Materials)
  • Inventory Supplier management
  • Inventory Transaction management

All movements, stocks and inventory items are automatically given the current logged in user's ID. All inventory actions such as puts/removes/creations are covered by Laravel's built in database transactions. If any exception occurs during an inventory change, it will be rolled back automatically.

Depending on your needs, you may use the built in traits for customizing and creating your own models, or you can simply use the built in models.


  • Laravel 4.* | 5.*
  • Laravel's Auth, Sentry or Sentinel if you need automatic accountability
  • A users database table


If you need another Auth driver supported, please send a pull request or create an issue.


If you're using the traits from this package to customize your install, that means you have complete flexibility over your own models, methods (excluding relationship names/type), database tables, property names, and attributes. You can set your own base model, and if you don't like the way a method is performed just override it.

Sit back and relax, it's nice to have control.

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