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tests =
'Literal text':
template: "text 'Just text'"
expected: 'Just text'
'Default DOCTYPE':
template: "doctype()"
expected: '<!DOCTYPE html>'
template: "doctype 'xml'"
expected: '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>'
'Custom tag':
template: "tag 'custom'"
expected: '<custom></custom>'
'Custom tag with attributes':
template: "tag 'custom', foo: 'bar', ping: 'pong'"
expected: '<custom foo="bar" ping="pong"></custom>'
'Custom tag with attributes and inner content':
template: "tag 'custom', foo: 'bar', ping: 'pong', -> 'zag'"
expected: '<custom foo="bar" ping="pong">zag</custom>'
'Self-closing tags':
template: "img src: 'icon.png', alt: 'Icon'"
expected: '<img src="icon.png" alt="Icon" />'
'Common tag':
template: "p 'hi'"
expected: '<p>hi</p>'
template: "a href: '/', title: 'Home'"
expected: '<a href="/" title="Home"></a>'
template: '''
script """
expected: "<script>$(document).ready(function(){\n alert('test');\n});</script>"
'CoffeeScript helper (function)':
template: "coffeescript -> alert 'hi'"
expected: "<script>var __slice = Array.prototype.slice;var __hasProp = Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty;var __bind = function(fn, me){ return function(){ return fn.apply(me, arguments); }; };var __extends = function(child, parent) { for (var key in parent) { if (, key)) child[key] = parent[key]; } function ctor() { this.constructor = child; } ctor.prototype = parent.prototype; child.prototype = new ctor; child.__super__ = parent.prototype; return child; };var __indexOf = Array.prototype.indexOf || function(item) { for (var i = 0, l = this.length; i < l; i++) { if (this[i] === item) return i; } return -1; };(function () {\n return alert('hi');\n}).call(this);</script>"
'CoffeeScript helper (string)':
template: "coffeescript \"alert 'hi'\""
expected: "<script type=\"text/coffeescript\">alert 'hi'</script>"
'CoffeeScript helper (object)':
template: "coffeescript src: ''"
expected: "<script src=\"\" type=\"text/coffeescript\"></script>"
'Context vars':
template: "h1 @foo"
expected: '<h1>bar</h1>'
params: {foo: 'bar'}
'Local vars, hardcoded':
template: 'h1 "harcoded: " +'
run: ->
obj = {foo: 'bar'}
@compiled = ck.compile(@template, hardcode: {obj})
@expected = '<h1>harcoded: bar</h1>'
@result = @compiled()
@success = @result is @expected
if @success = 'baz'
@result = @compiled()
@success = @result is @expected
'Local vars, hard-coded (functions)':
template: "h1 \"The sum is: \#{sum 1, 2}\""
expected: '<h1>The sum is: 3</h1>'
params: {hardcode: {sum: (a, b) -> a + b}}
'Local vars, hard-coded ("helpers")':
template: "textbox id: 'foo'"
expected: '<input id="foo" name="foo" type="text" />'
textbox: (attrs) -> =
attrs.type = 'text'
tag 'input', attrs
'Local vars':
template: 'h1 "dynamic: " +'
run: ->
obj = {foo: 'bar'}
@expected = '<h1>dynamic: bar</h1>'
@result = render(@template, locals: {obj: obj})
@success = @result is @expected
if @success = 'baz'
@expected = '<h1>dynamic: baz</h1>'
@result = render(@template, locals: {obj: obj})
@success = @result is @expected
template: "comment 'Comment'"
expected: '<!--Comment-->'
template: "h1 h(\"<script>alert('\\\"pwned\\\" by c&a &copy;')</script>\")"
expected: "<h1>&lt;script&gt;alert('&quot;pwned&quot; by c&amp;a &amp;copy;')&lt;/script&gt;</h1>"
template: "h1 \"<script>alert('\\\"pwned\\\" by c&a &copy;')</script>\""
expected: "<h1>&lt;script&gt;alert('&quot;pwned&quot; by c&amp;a &amp;copy;')&lt;/script&gt;</h1>"
params: {autoescape: yes}
'ID/class shortcut (combo)':
template: "div '#myid.myclass1.myclass2', 'foo'"
expected: '<div id="myid" class="myclass1 myclass2">foo</div>'
'ID/class shortcut (ID only)':
template: "div '#myid', 'foo'"
expected: '<div id="myid">foo</div>'
'ID/class shortcut (one class only)':
template: "div '.myclass', 'foo'"
expected: '<div class="myclass">foo</div>'
'ID/class shortcut (multiple classes)':
template: "div '.myclass.myclass2.myclass3', 'foo'"
expected: '<div class="myclass myclass2 myclass3">foo</div>'
'ID/class shortcut (no string contents)':
template: "img '#myid.myclass', src: '/pic.png'"
expected: '<img id="myid" class="myclass" src="/pic.png" />'
'Attribute values':
template: "br vrai: yes, faux: no, undef: @foo, nil: null, str: 'str', num: 42, arr: [1, 2, 3], obj: {foo: 'bar'}, func: ->"
expected: '<br vrai="vrai" str="str" num="42" arr="1,2,3" obj-foo="bar" func="(function () {}).call(this);" />'
'IE conditionals':
template: """
html ->
head ->
title 'test'
ie 'gte IE8', ->
link href: 'ie.css', rel: 'stylesheet'
expected: '''
<!--[if gte IE8]>
<link href="ie.css" rel="stylesheet" />
params: {format: yes}
template: "p \"This text could use \#{yield -> strong -> a href: '/', 'a link'}.\""
expected: '<p>This text could use <strong><a href="/">a link</a></strong>.</p>'
ck = require './src/coffeekup'
render = ck.render
@run = ->
{print} = require 'sys'
colors = {red: "\033[31m", redder: "\033[91m", green: "\033[32m", normal: "\033[0m"}
printc = (color, str) -> print colors[color] + str + colors.normal
[total, passed, failed, errors] = [0, [], [], []]
for name, test of tests
test.original_params = JSON.stringify test.params
test.result = ck.render(test.template, test.params)
test.success = test.result is test.expected
if test.success
passed.push name
print "[Passed] #{name}\n"
failed.push name
printc 'red', "[Failed] #{name}\n"
catch ex
test.result = ex
errors.push name
printc 'redder', "[Error] #{name}\n"
print "\n#{total} tests, #{passed.length} passed, #{failed.length} failed, #{errors.length} errors\n\n"
if failed.length > 0
printc 'red', "FAILED:\n\n"
for name in failed
t = tests[name]
print "- #{name}:\n"
print t.template + "\n"
print t.original_params + "\n" if t.params
printc 'green', t.expected + "\n"
printc 'red', t.result + "\n\n"
if errors.length > 0
printc 'redder', "ERRORS:\n\n"
for name in errors
t = tests[name]
print "- #{name}:\n"
print t.template + "\n"
printc 'green', t.expected + "\n"
printc 'redder', t.result.stack + "\n\n"