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Split up resources and related projects.

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@@ -218,18 +218,20 @@ There's also Mark Hahn's excellent [A Beginners's Introduction to CoffeeKup](htt
Latest version tested with node 0.4.9 and CoffeeScript 1.1.1.
-## Related projects
+## Resources
+[html2coffeekup]( - "Converts HTML to CoffeeKup markup".
[ice]( - "Javascript templates for ruby apps": CoffeeKup and Eco in Rails ([screencast](
+## Related projects
[ck]( - "a smaller, faster coffeekup": Alternative, barebones implementation.
[ckup]( - "Markup as Coco": Similar engine but for [Coco]( ("Unfancy CoffeeScript").
[Eco]( - "Embedded CoffeeScript templates": "EJS/ERB" for CoffeeScript.
-[html2coffeekup]( - "Converts HTML to CoffeeKup markup"
## Special thanks
- [Jeremy Ashkenas](, for the amazing CoffeeScript language.
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