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using coffeekup with express #102

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Hi maurice..I've a possible write inline views inside my express controllers?..similar to zappa:

@view hi: ->
h1 @name

I've used clojure noir and I like a lot the idea define my views inside my controller (I know than mvc is better but I don't like)
a noir example would be this:

(defpage "/cookie" []                         ;;defpage is similar to app.get
   (cookie/put! :noir "stuff")
    (let [v (cookie/get :noir)]               ;; v= cookie/get(noir)
         (layout                                          ;;layout is a function...similar to coffeekup...sweet
         [:p "You created a cookie:"]
         [:p "Value " v])))

is very nice for small apps and now than I found coffeekup I think it can fix me perfect....


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