This project is dead? #114

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ghost commented Jun 12, 2012

I would like to use CoffeeKup for my production project but should I worry about the maintenance for this project?

It seems pretty dead.

Could someone clarify the future of it?

gradus commented Jun 30, 2012

@wingy I am actively maintaining a cloned version of this project
I have no plans to give up maintenance.

@gradus could we be granted access to this repo and continue dev in this keeping the same name and all, to stop confusion ?

For the curious, goodeggs/teacup is a CoffeeKup descendant that maintains lexical scope among other niceties.

auvipy commented Nov 11, 2015

#121 please do share your thoughts

gradus commented Nov 12, 2015

Apologies. @anodynos, I will grant access to anyone willing to help. Real life has gotten in the way of maintaining this project in the way it should be.

auvipy commented Nov 13, 2015

for maintaining I decided to open a new github organisation where interested maintainer can group up and collaborate easily

please see the issue

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