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coffeekup.js missing from examples #63

kevingamble opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Kevin Gamble Maurice Machado
Kevin Gamble

The reference to coffeekup.js, in the "/examples/browser/creme" folder, points back to /lib, and the file does not exist there.

I have pulled the latest JS from the repo history ( and will try to use that, but just wanted to give a heads up that the ref is gone.

Kevin Gamble

From using/downloading previous versions, a quick note about the existing index.html file.

Line 33/34 should be:
$('body').append CoffeeKup.render(codey, context: {stooges: stooges})

In the current file, it's missing the curly braces and throws an error.

Maurice Machado

To put the js at /lib, you have to run cake build. I should put this somewhere in the docs.

Didn't get your meaning regarding the index.html. The current line is:

$('body').append CoffeeKup.render(codey, stooges: stooges)

Which is written for 0.3.0beta, and works. In this version there's no need to put things inside context.

Kevin Gamble

re: JS, gotcha. Thanks for that.

re: context; I was using your old 0.2.x JS file, so I had to keep it within the curly brackets. The cake file and upgrade to CK 0.3beta may make this point mute.

Thanks for the reply. Big fan of your work.

Maurice Machado

Hmmm got it. Yeah, the examples are supposed to be ran after cake build. I added a note to the readme. Thanks for the feedback!

BTW, the mailing list and IRC channel are up (see readme). Hoping to see you there!

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