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v0.3.3 (2011-11-22):

  • Fixed npm publishing error.

v0.3.2 (2011-11-22):

  • Changed: @enable 'serve zappa|jquery|sammy' replaced by @use 'zappa'. Closes #94.
  • Updated to work with express 2.5.x and node 0.6.x.

v0.3.1 (2011-10-06):

  • Changed dependency minors to ".x". Closes #98.

v0.3.0 "The Gumbo Variations" (2011-09-29):

  • Changed: "magic locals" replaced by properties of this (get becomes @get). See #74 and the announcement.

  • Backtraces now show the relevant file and (js) file number.

  • Normal JS scope restored: def, zappa {foo}, -> etc gone.

  • Changed: automatic input "importing" and "exporting" to templates now optional through the databag setting. See #84.

  • Changed: removed hard dependency on jsdom. To use @postrender, npm install jsdom first.

v0.2.1 (2011-09-22):

  • Changed: using standard jquery from instead of node-jquery. Updated to 1.6.4.

  • Changed: updated sammy to 0.7.0.

  • Fixed #80: Default layout is not being added correctly.

v0.2.0 "Peaches en Regalia" (2011-09-08):

  • Changed: externals (zappa {foo} ->) are available at all scopes, shadow globals and root scope locals.

  • Fixed: inline templates with multiple apps.

  • Added stylus to the root scope (compiles string with stylus and serves it as css).

  • Fixed #58: multiple socket events fail. Also applied the same fix to helpers.

  • Changed to interpret a number-castable string param as the port, to better integrate with Heroku. Closes #61 [Tim Shadel]

  • Fixed #64: require does not pick up node_modules in app dir. [Jason King]

  • Added: setting views dir to __dirname + '/views' by default. Closes #71. [rachel-carvalho]

  • Added the minify setting, which uses uglify-js to minify the outputs of serve zappa, client, shared, coffee and js. Closes #70 (thanks @jacobrask).

  • Added back session to the request handlers scope. [shimaore]

v0.2.0beta (2011-08-02):

  • Complete rewrite, see /docs/ for a more in-depth review on changes.

  • Fixed performance, now negligible overhead on top of express. Gone with the with keyword.

  • Scraped the zappa command, zappa code should go in require('zappa') -> blocks. All node tools and services can be used directly.

  • Changed include, now implemented through standard module mechanisms. Code to be included must be exported: @include = ->.

  • Added app and io variables to all scopes, providing direct access to express and

  • Added optimized interfaces to express features such as use, set, enable, disable, configure, etc.

  • Changed render, now uses the rendering system from express, with all its features. Defining inline templates with view and passing variables through @ is still possible.

  • Added an optional client-side API that can be used with client. To just serve code as JS, use coffee.

  • Added shared, allows sharing code between client and server.

  • Removed most zappa's defaults, added very concise APIs to define what you need.

v0.1.5 (2011-05-06):

  • Reworked packaging for npm 1.x.

v0.1.4 (2011-01-05):

  • Updated to CoffeeScript 1.0.0 and node 0.2.6/0.3.3.
  • Soda tests by Nicholas Kinsey.
  • broadcast passing along optional except param to
  • Empty app files now start a default "blank" app, serving files at /public.
  • zappa -n/--hostname to listen on a specific hostname or IP.
  • Made defs available to postrenders' scope.
  • Bug fixes.

v0.1.3 (2010-11-24):

  • Updated to CoffeeScript 0.9.5 and node 0.2.5/0.3.1.
  • Partials support.
  • Compilation to .js file with zappa -c.
  • Auto-restarting on changes with zappa -w.

v0.1.2 (2010-11-13):

  • Multiple using's: using 'foo', 'bar', 'etc'.
  • Added layout: no option to render.
  • Added require at the root level and send at the request level (shortcut to request.send).
  • bodyDecoder, cookieDecoder and session middleware by default. Configs to turn them off will follow.
  • Using new jQuery (1.4.3) npm package instead of jsdom directly.
  • Using Socket.IO 0.6.0 (great improvements over the previous version).

v0.1.1 (2010-10-22):

  • Fixed ws connection/disconnection handler implementation.
  • Fixed ws render implementation.
  • Fixed postrender implementation.
  • Ports specified at the zappa command or the .run method, instead of the port function.
  • Added a default layout.
  • Added style.

v0.1.0 "Jazz from Hell" (2010-10-21):

  • Initial release.