Adding the ContextID to a template name breaks Jade template extension #110

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Hi Folks,

As with Zappa 0.3.x using @render together with an extending Jade Template will result in an ENOENT Error.
Using @response.render will work though.

It took me a while to nail it down to this line:
In the long run it changes the value for filename being passed to jade,
such that the contextId is prepended to the templates name.
As the extend option in Jade templates uses the filename to determine the base file,
it will look up the modified filename and obviously not be able to find the required base template.



    block head
    block content


extends base
block content
  p some text here

So now when processing with contextId = 12345 jade will lookup path/to/views/12345/base.jade instead of path/to/views/base.jade

I hope that's clear enough ;)

Does anyone have a clue how to fix this other than using @response.render?



It also seems to me that any Jade error is hidden behind this ENOENT error.

According to the comments in zappa/src/ (line 271), adding the contextId is needed to let Express use inline views defined in the application.

On my side, I temporarily commented line 445 in zappa/lib/zappa.js to be able to see Jade errors.
//args[0] = + '/' + args[0];

I guess checking if the view file exists and only transmit contextId if it doesn't should be a clean workaround.

Make sense ?

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