`@enable 'serve *'` does nothing -- documentation disparity? #113

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namuol commented Dec 2, 2011

Without digging too deeply into recent changelists, it looks like using @enable 'serve jquery' or similar does nothing.

The "PicoChat" example still works, but only because it runs the @client method at some point, which -- I realized after looking at zappa.coffee -- causes @use 'zappa' to be called, which in turn seems to automatically do what @enable 'serve jquery', 'serve sammy' would do (among other things).

To see what I mean, try running the following app:

require('zappa') ->
  @enable 'serve jquery'

Then, try visiting http://localhost:3000/zappa/jquery.js -- no dice.

However, this works:

require('zappa') ->
  @use 'zappa'

Now, http://localhost:3000/zappa/jquery.js yields what we expect.

So as a workaround, I just @use 'zappa' in all my apps that need jquery or sammy, but the real fix might involve some minor code changes or a documentation update.

TylerLH commented Feb 4, 2012

Thanks for noting this. I just ran into the same issue.


Yeah, I think it's a documentation change that's needed. Zappa is now bundling some connect middleware to serve the vendor javascript, and it looks like an intentional change on @mauricemach's part.

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