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Documented passing of context as final argument to helpers #99

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This threw me for a loop when I was trying to define a variadic helper function. I couldn't think of a good Zappa-related example off the top of my head, unfortunately.


Sorry, I don't know about the motivation for this behaviour, I just added the note to the documentation because it bit me when I was adding a variadic helper. Is @mauricemach still involved with zappa? He'd be the guy to ask. To be honest I haven't used zappa in months, so I'm not particularly invested in this issue any more.

@shimaore shimaore referenced this pull request from a commit in zappajs/zappajs
@shimaore shimaore Fix for #41
(and mauricemach/zappa#99 incidentally)
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@@ -118,6 +118,11 @@ Since the parameter is actually an object, you can define any number of helpers
@sum: (a, b) -> a + b
@subtract: (a, b) -> a - b
+Finally, the request/event context is always passed as a final argument to the helper, allowing fat-arrow helpers:
+ @usefulThing
+ @helper thanks: (msg, ctx) => @usefulThing.thank(ctx.request.user, msg)
### @view
`@view path: contents`
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