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Redis backed apache module for direct access without high level programming language (direct access with HTTP request). Perfect for very high traffic statistic requirements.

Currently handle up to 94 926 request a minute for INCR with unix socket. Currently handle up to 73 404 request a minute for INCR with network socket. PHP + redis (phpredis extension) : 52 572 PHP + fsock directly: 53 028

This is an experimental module and support only "INCR" command on a localhost redis server running on /tmp/redis.sock.

To make it work you would need to do the following:

  1. Download the latest distribution of hiredis found at:
  2. Unpack it under hiredis
  3. Compile mod_statx with: apxs -i -a -c mod_statx.c hiredis/hiredis.c hiredis/net.c hiredis/sds.c

  4. Then if everything went good add the following line to httpd.conf:

    LoadModule statx_module modules/

  5. Then set a location directive for activating the handler

    SetHandler statx-handler

  6. Graceful your apache.

  7. Hit (your web server and whatever name of statxincr?incr=keytoincrementinredis) :


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