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✈ First REST assignment for SoT 2019 Q1 B1 in Fontys ICT
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SoT REST assignment | Airline | 2019 Q1 B1 - Fontys ICT

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🛠 This project was develop with GitHub, Intellij Idea, Java 11 and React.js.
Source code:

Author: Maurici Abad Gutierrez

Done entirely in only 5 days.

Grade: 10

Assignment statement

Make a REST service and client(s) for the required case: searching and buying flight tickets (for travelling with an airplane). You may make it simple or advanced, for example: clients can create account, search for flight tickets and buy them, etc.

Detailed assessment criteria can be found here: SOT Module Description and Assignments.

API Reference

This are all the available resources for Airline's API 1.0.

Base URL: http://localhost:8080/airline/v1/



Method Endpoint Description Response
GET /flights Get all flights filtered by the Query parameters:
flightId, origin, destination, departure, departureBefore, departureAfter, arrival, arrivalBefore, arrivalAfter, price, maxPrice and/or airline.
This dates must have this format: YYYYY-MM-dd
POST /flights Create a new flight
Also accepts x-www-form-urlencoded
GET /flights/{flightId} Get information about a specific flight Flight
PUT /flights/{flightId} Update origin, destination, departure, arrival and/or airline of a flight. Flight
DELETE /flights/{flightId} Delete a flight

Flights Tickets

Method Endpoint Description Response
GET /flights/{flightId}/tickets Get all tickets Array<Ticket>
POST /flights/{flightId}/tickets/{ticketId}/buy?buyerId={userId} Buy a specific ticket.
Needs buyerId Query parameter


Method Endpoint Description Response
GET /users Get all users Array<User>
POST /users Create a new user User
GET /users/{userId} Get information about a specific user User
PUT /users/{userId} Update a user User
DELETE /users/{userId} Delete a user



Name Type
id int
origin String
destination String
departure String yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
arrival String yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm
airline String
tickets Array<Ticket>
price int
cheapestTicket Ticket


  • The attribute price is the price of the cheapest ticket.
  • The attributes price and cheapestTicket are redundant information.


Name Type
id int
price int
seat String
buyerId int
forSale bool


Name Type
id int
name String

General comments

  • All the data is encoded in json format.
  • ID's are generated automatically, if you provide one in a POST or PUT request this will be ignored.
  • When a list is requested the response contains the header X-Total-Count with the amount of items in the list.
  • CORS enabled with header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *.
  • OPTIONS method is also implemented.
  • Flights can be filtered by all this parameters: flightId, origin, destination, departure, departureBefore, departureAfter, arrival, arrivalBefore, arrivalAfter, price, maxPrice and/or airline.

1st Client - Java console

Console client demo

Run the class Main inside client module.

Note: you can write the options in lowercase and will still work.

Disclaimer 1: I wanted to make a preatier display of the entities, instead of just writing the JSON. But because working with JSON in Java is a nightmare I left like this.

Disclaimer 2: The Intellij Idea console made me code dirty workarrounds.

  • No Unicode support.
  • The Console class is incompatible.
  • The graddle run button doesn't work straight away.

So I couldn't use fancy Emojis, I had to make my own Console class, and running the code must be done from the regular Intellij Play button...

2nd Client - Web React.js

Web client demo

Web client run instructions

You MUST run the app in localhost, or open the file [/web-client/build/index.html]( from the computer.

  • The source code is inside the /web-client folder.
  • The compiled files are inside the /web-client/build folder.

I used the react-admin framework to build it.

When you deploy the apache tomcat server it will give you nice instructions about how to run the 2nd client.

Error handling

Some errors can occur when:

  • A required parameter is missing.
  • The specified item does not exist.
  • Date parameter has wrong format.
  • Try to buy a ticket not for sale.

Example custom error message

  "error": true,
  "message": "Flight with flightId 999 doesn't exist",
  "status": 404,
  "statusName": "Not Found"

Implementing a Composite service

The idea I had is the Custom Flights Recomendation.

One use case would be:

  1. Ask the costumer's favorite football team.
  2. Call a Football API to know when and where is the next match.
  3. Call our Airline API to get the flights there.
  4. Check in a Weather API the weather for the departure and arival times.
  5. Send a recomendation emailthrought Mailing API with all that information to the costumer.

This would call several services from one service.

HTTP messages

Real HTTP messages being transferred between client and server.

We can see the input and output of some CRUD operations of /flights and different kinds of encodings.

Request Response
Burp screenshot 05 GET /flights/1 Burp screenshot 06 GET /flights/1
Burp screenshot 07 GET /flights Burp screenshot 08 GET /flights
Burp screenshot 09 GET /flights?origin=BCN query Burp screenshot 10 GET /flights?origin=BCN query
Burp screenshot 11 POST /flights json Burp screenshot 12 POST /flights json
Burp screenshot 13 POST /flights form Burp screenshot 14 POST /flights form
Burp screenshot 15 POST /flights json Burp screenshot 16 POST /flights json
Burp screenshot 17 PUT /flights/1 json Burp screenshot 18 PUT /flights/1 json
Burp screenshot 19 DELETE /flights/1 Burp screenshot 20 DELETE /flights/1
Burp screenshot 21 GET /flights Burp screenshot 22 GET /flights
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