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current_request - maurício DOT linhares AT gmail DOT com

This plugin sets the current Rails request object in a Thread local variable
so you can use it in places where the controller (and thus the request) are not
directly available.

The most common case for this are the e-mail templates, where sometimes you need
to render a link but you don't have access to the current request to add the
host. With this plugin you'll have the request at the e-mail templates and
will be able to find out the current host to add a link to it:

<%= link_to 'Home', "#{current_request.protocol}#{current_request.host_with_port}/home" %>

Or you can just use a shorthand to the current host:

<%= link_to 'Home', "#{current_host}/home" %>

You can also use it wherever you want to access the current request
(and not only on templates) by calling:


You can install the plugin by calling:

ruby script/plugin install git://