calculates change metrics in a Git repository
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Change Metrics

Calculates change (some people call it social?) metrics in Git repositories. It generates a CSV file with the following header:

"project": the name of the project directory,
"file": the full file path,
"revisions": quantity of commits,
"refactorings": quantity of refactorings that occured (if said in commit msg),
"bugfixes": quantity of bugs that file has had (if said in commit msg),
"authors": quantity of different authors,
"locAdded": total of LOC added,
"locRemoved": total of LOC removed,
"maxLocAdded": maximum number of LOC added,
"maxLocRemoved": maximum number of LOC removed,
"avgLocAdded": average of LOC added,
"avgLocRemoved": average of LOC removed,
"codeChurn": sum of all LOC added and removed,
"maxChangeset": max number of files committed together with this file,
"avgChangeset": average number of files committed together,
"firstCommit": date of the first commit,
"lastCommit": date of the last commit,
"weeks": difference in weeks from the last commit - first commit.

The main method receives three parameters.

java -jar <tool.jar> /dir/to/the/git/project /dir/to/the/file/output.csv all|single
  • The project path
  • The output path
  • Type of project path (all|single)

If the type is all, then it will analyse all projects in sub-directories of the project path. If type is single, it will consider the directory as a single project.

Example of usage:

java -jar change-metrics.jar /Users/projects /Users/change-metrics.csv all
java -jar -Xms2g -Xmx2g change-metrics.jar /Users/projects/ant /Users/change-metrics-ant.csv single

Automated Tests

To make the integration test to work, unzip the (in src/test/resources) in any directory of your machine (I usually put it in src/test/repo). Then, put the file path to the unzipped dir inside src/test/resources/config.txt.

Tests will run.


Change metrics were based in the paper by Moser, R., Pedrycz, W., & Succi, G. (2008, May). A comparative analysis of the efficiency of change metrics and static code attributes for defect prediction. In Software Engineering, 2008. ICSE'08. ACM/IEEE 30th International Conference on (pp. 181-190). IEEE.

It uses RepoDriller, a framework that supports researchers in MSR studies. See more at


This is licensed under Apache license 2.0.