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Praat syntax highlighting for Sublime Text


  • Highlighting of Praat's numerals, keywords, form elements, commands, operators, comments, quoted texts, methods, objects, objectDirectives, systemDirectives, fileDirectives, directives, colors, predefinedVariables, functions, object functions and procedures.
  • Code folding for blocks.
  • Auto completion snippets for loops, conditional jumps and forms.


This syntax highlighter, just as Sublime Text, can be installed in Windows, Linux and (Mac) OS X. These are the instructions:

  • Download praat.tmLanguage and the six snippet files (you can just clone the whole repository if you want).
  • Open Sublime Text and go to Preferences > Browse Packages....
  • There, create a folder called "Praat" and save all the downloaded files inside that new folder.
  • Restart Sublime Text.

All your files ending in any of the most common Praat script extensions (.praat, .script, .psc, .praat_script, .praatscript, .praat-script, .praat-batch, .proc) should automatically be identified and highlighted by Sublime Text. Alternatively, you can select highlighting for Praat by selecting View > Syntax > Praat.

Inspiration for this highlighter

This Praat syntax highlighter is very much and shamelessly inspired in José Joaquín's Praat syntax highlighter for Kate. Besides some small additions, the lists of command definitions are pretty much the same. The quotation and double quotation highlighting method was taken from the R syntax highlighter for Sublime Text. The procedure highlighting is inspired in the system used in Python's syntax highlighter for Sublime Text.


Although this Praat syntax highlighter already works well in Sublime Text, it still contains some bugs that need some attention. On the same note, several functionalities of the highlighter could be refined to improve efficiency.

So far, it aims to work with the latest Praat syntax. Compatibility with previous syntax versions is only partial. I hope to gradually improve compatibility as I'm able to work on newer versions.


Praat syntax highlighter for Sublime Text




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