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Capybara Robot - ROS package for Indigo

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The capybara robot

the capybara robot is an open source and open hardware differential drive robot. Powered by a dspic33fj128mc802 it provides an highly customizable firmware, a full extensible serial commands stack and an high speed PID control loop up to 1khz for each motor.

The firmware source code is available

Nodes provided

All nodes expose a lot of standard-ros command line arguments to let the user customize some aspects. The source code is ridiculously simple to be modified in two minutes.

  • capybarauno_node

    the main node, it will subscribe to a capybarauno::ticks topic and communicate with the robot base requested a specific velocity (requested as left/right ticks) and publishes the robot ticks

  • capybarauno_joy2ticks

    the node will subscribe to joy topic and convert the data from two axii into ticks

  • capybarauno_twist2ticks

    the node will subscribe to a cmv_vel topic and convert the data into ticks

  • capybarauno_ticks2odo

    the node subscribes to the published ticks from the main node and computes/publises the odometry