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Beautiful animated SVG or GIF kanji from KanjiVG data set.
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Generation of animations

This is a small utility for transforming KanjiVG images into animated SVG or GIF files, or SVGs that can easily animated via Javascript (with no library dependency!).

  • SVG samples (animated via CSS, no SMIL/ element):

084b8 SVG 08972 SVG

  • GIF samples:

084b8 GIF 08972 GIF

(these GIFs are 150x150 and have size 24k and 30k. With transparent background the generated image are quite bigger ~220k unluckily).

  • Javascript controlled SVG:

See the Demo on the Project Page.


Kanimaji depends on

If you want to be able to generate animated GIF, you will also need:

  • svgexport Python library, for exporting SVG to PNG.
  • ImageMagick's convert program to merge PNG's into a GIF.
  • Gifsicle to optimize GIF size.


Just run

./ file1.svg file2.svg ...

where the files are KanjiVG SVG files (could work with other SVG files, but it hasn't been tested).


Just edit the file, all settings are explained there. In this file you can also enable/disable SVG, GIF, JS-SVG generation.


This software is formally released under MIT/BSD (at your option). You are free to do what you want with this program, please credit my work if you use it. If you find it useful and feel like, you may give a donation on my github page!

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