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Orion Node Riak is being renamed and will reside at a new repo.
A Node-based server database front end for Sproutcore.
- Websocket support
- Long polling support (might be a bit buggy still)
- Session support
- Policy (role-based permissions) and record filtering support
- Authentication support (async)
- Easy to implement custom storage modules (example mySQL, Riak and OrionDB storage modules included)
- Automated updates pushed to connected clients
Written with a SproutCore application in mind. (
Status: Between alpha and beta status...
Two datasources, one for Websockets and one for XHR long polling are included. Both can be found in clients/SproutCore
What works:
- WebSocket connections in a WebSocket enabled browser (still problems with FF4.01beta though)
- Long Polling XHR
- Authentication from userdata in a file
- Session support
- Automatic distribution of changes based on users previous requests
- support for sending queries to the server
- support for custom storage modules, such as fixtures
- SC.DataSource client code for both XHR long polling and Websocket
- MySQL support (you need the mysql client and bindings from my node-mysql-mysqlclient fork)
What still needs to be implemented:
- support for more Riak features in requests to the server
- additional authentication modules
- binary data support
Many thanks to Jeff Pittman (geojeff) and juan77 for their continuing support and willingness to test and catch bugs!
License: MIT