A simple LaTeX generating framework for SC applications
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A small and simple (La)TeX generating framework for use with SC applications.

Currently limited to article class documents, TeXSC can help you generate LaTeX 
documents on the client. TeXSC only generates LaTeX code, which can then be sent
to the server for processing.

TeXSC is quite easy to use:

Creating a document:

    var myDoc = TeXSC.Article.create({
      docType: 'a4paper',
      font: 'helvetica',
      fontSize: '11pt',
      fontFamily: 'roman',
      isSloppy: YES

Adding packages: 


Adding a line:

    myDoc.addLine("this is my text",fontinfo,alignInfo);

fontinfo is an override or addition to the defaults defined in the document creation. 
fontinfo can be generated using:

    var myBoldFont = doc.createFontInfo(size,fontfaces,fontfamily);

in which size is a number (-4 to +5) of which 0 is the default font size.

Adding a paragraph:


shouldIndent is a boolean denoting whether the first line of a paragraph should be indented.

Inserting vertical space: