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a Sproutcore framework for connecting the Thoth server to a SproutCore application

October 7th 2011:

As of traffic issues others and I encountered lately between Thoth and ThothSC, I decided to no longer
use my custom traffic specifications, but to replace them with ( client included).
This means the master branch no longer contains the custom specifications, but only a fake client
(for testing purposes) and the client.
I created a separate branch to keep the old version around (
I will try to update it with bug fixes, but the main development will be on the master branch.

Thoth will also be updated in the same way.

June 2011:

Finishing a complete rewrite of Thoth-SC in order to keep most things out of the data source.

While everything before this rewrite had to be done through the data source, it is now possible
to use just ThothSC as main entry point for authentication and other function types.

The way the interaction with Thoth is done has changed by introducing a few different handlers:

   handlers to handle certain messages that have nothing to do with data, but system requests
   like authentication

   handlers to handle certain messages having to do with data replies. The data source registers 
   all the needed messages itself when initialised.
A cryptographic library has been added (which can also be easily extracted from ThothSC for use in
other projects) to encrypt passwords or other types of info.