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Theming my personal website

The main goal of this code is to theme my own personal website: It may be a nice example of some python web technologies though.

Do not take this as the way to do things. There are lots of ways to theme a website, lots of potentially helpful techniques and various ways to use them. This is just my way of doing things, which I am discovering along the way.

So, what is in here?

  • This code is a buildout, see the buildout.cfg file. At the moment this only sets up a bin/paster script with all the necessary packages. Feel free to use a virtualenv instead.
  • The paster script can be used with the devel.ini or deploy.ini configuration files to fire up a Paste server. The most important job of that server is to answer http requests with this pipeline:
    • fanstatic
    • mauritsresources
    • diazo
    • plone
  • fanstatic is used to serve some static resources: css and javascript. It makes them available at a unique url that can be cached indefinitely, making the load on the web server smaller while avoiding browsers using outdated resources.
  • The resources are defined in the mauritsresources python package, which is bundled together with the rest of the code as it is very much tied to the rest.
  • The diazo part is handled by diazo[wsgi]. You define an html theme and an xslt rules file. diazo then uses xslt to grab the html of some web server (Plone in my case) and stuffs it in the html theme. This is a handy way to let themes be created by an html and css wizard who has no clue of what happens in the backend that the crazy programmers created.
  • In my case the backend is a website created in Plone 2.5. I might at some point upgrade this to Plone 3, 4 or 5, or convert this to Grok or to pyramid. The html theme should not need many changes for this, if any.
  • Oh, and there are some images in the static/ directory, used by the html theme.

The idea is now that I configure Apache to proxy the requests to this Paste server. For editing the Plone Site I will either use a different domain or set up an ssh tunnel. I could define the theme and the rules to allow editing through the Paste server, but I don't want to.

Ideas to improve this setup are welcome.

Maurits van Rees