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In this repository I keep a record of some talks that I held. It has some css files, a few images and a small script that uses rst2html to turn a ReStructuredText file into a presentation.html file. I can then open this in Firefox, go to full screen mode, and navigate to the next slide with Tab.

I first used this in a presentation in 2010. I may have used it a few times since, but at least for an internationalization talk I gave at the Plone Conference 2012 in Arnhem, for which the talk and the sample package can be found in my maurits.i18ntalk repository.

It works for me, fits my use case, my brain and my laptop. Feel free to copy this and adapt it to your needs. Note that static/all.css is always used and you can choose to add either small.css, medium.css or big.css (see Pick one that fits the monitor or beamer you are using.