A web app to display git repositories using CakePHP.
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A CakePHP app to display information about git repositories.

The main file of the application is the libs/git.php file that contains the
Git Class, this class is responsible for php conecting with git. 
The file is based on one whis is in the josegonzales project(http://github.com/josegonzalez/git-php)
but I have rewritten almost all the code.

To connect CakePHP with git I developed a datasource called GitSource, this datasource provides a
connection to git for the models.
Until now, I have developed 4 models which enable you to access to the git repositeries’ information. This models are: 

- Repository:
	This model represents a git repository. It has the next fields:
		* name: The repository name.
		* path: The absolute path to the repository.
		* owner: The owner of the repository.
		* description: The description for the respository (The file 'repo_dir/description').
		* last_change: The date of the last change committed.
- Commit:
	This model represents a commit into a git repository, it has the next fields:
		* hash: The hash string of the commit.
		* parents: An array of hash that represents the parents of this commit.
		* subject: The commit message.
		* author: The author of the commit.
		* email: The commit author email.
		* timestamp: The date when the commit was send.
		* repository: The repository that owns the commit.
- GitFile:
	This model represents a file into a git repository, it has the next fields:
		* hash: The file checksum.
		* perm: The file permissions.
		* type: The file type ('blob' for regular files, 'tree' for directories).
		* content: The file contents (only if it is a blob file).
		* path: The path to the file relative to the repository directory.
		* name: The file name.
		* commit: The commit that owns the file.
		* repository: The repository that owns the file.
- GitTag:
	This model represents a tag for a git repository:
		* hash: The commit hash of the tag.
		* name: The tag name.
		* repository: The repository that owns the tag.

Before you begin, you need to set up the connection between cake and git.
To do this, you need to change the next variables in the app/config/database.php file:

	var $git = array(
		'datasource' => 'git',
		'repo_directory' => '/path/to/the/repositories/folder/', // You have to puth the path to your git repositories base folder here.
		'repo_suffix' => '.git', // The suffix used for all the repositories. You may don't want to chenge it.
		'git_binary' => '/path/to/git' // The path to the git executable, usually /usr/bin/git or /usr/local/bin/git in linux systems.

The models can be used like any other model in cake. They support some
of the common features, like 'limit' and 'conditions'.

For example if you want to find all the repositories you can do:

If you want only the first 4:
	$this->Repository->find('all', array('limit' => 4));
If you want the last 10 commits for the repository 'git-proyect':
	$this->Commit->find('all', array('conditions' => array('repository' => 'git-proyect'), 'limit' => 10));

As simple like that. Remember always to include the models in the controller if it don't own
it (using "var $uses = array('Model1', 'Model2');" in the controller class).