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Commits on Nov 1, 2010
  1. Added support for model associations. Fixed some bugs and made improv…

    maurobender committed Nov 1, 2010
    * Now the models associations work!
    * Some bugfixes and improvements.
    * Updated the TODO file.
    * Added default configuration for the git_source datasource in the database config file.
Commits on Oct 31, 2010
  1. File updates and new features.

    maurobender committed Oct 31, 2010
    * TODO file updated.
    * Now the GitFile Model also gets the contents for the files.
    * Added a field to the GitTag Model that show the repository that
      the tag belongs.
  2. Moved all the functions that interact with git to the Git Library.

    maurobender committed Oct 31, 2010
    Now the GitSource Datasource is just a connector between the model
    and the git library.
  3. Merge branch 'tags'

    maurobender committed Oct 31, 2010
  4. * New Model GitFile to manage the files inside a repository.

    maurobender committed Oct 31, 2010
    * Added a TODO file with the things to do.
    * Some changes and bugfixes en git.php and git_source.php
  5. Added important files:

    maurobender committed Oct 31, 2010
    * libs/git.php: A class to connect php with git.
    * models/datasources/git_source: A datasource class to get the information
    	about git repositories for the models. This class uses the 'Git' library
    	(libs/git.php) to manage the connection with git.
    * models/repository: A model class to manage the repositories information.
    	It uses the datasource 'GitSource'.
    * models/commit: A model class to manage the commits information. It uses
    	the datasource 'GitSource'.
    * controllers/repositories_controller: A controller for make tests to the
    	Repository (and also the Commit) Model.
    * config/database.php: Configuration file for databases connections. Added a
    	connection using the datasource 'GitSource'. In this file we can specify
    	the configuration of the connection with git, like the repositories path,
    	the repositories suffix and the location of the git binary file.
    At the moment the Repository and Commit models have basic funtionality, they
    can read information about the existent repositories and the commits for them.