The sQuiddio API

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Note: this document is work in progress! We appreciate your patience (and feedback to this Wiki)

Overview, the largest repository of navigational information for recreational boaters in the world, makes its data available programmatically through a REST API.

Sample use cases

  • Obtain list of boats within range of a POI, or of another vessel
  • Obtain full profile of a Vessel, including make and model, contact information, LOA, draft, last reported position etc.
  • Obtain the most recent position reports of a Vessel
  • Obtain a list of Destinations by country/region, near latitude/longitude etc.


Authenticated Requests

The sQuiddio API uses standard Oauth2 Tokens to authenticate certain requests, specifically:

  • All POST, PATCH (PUT) and DELETE Requests
  • GET Requests for Vessel and User objects

Tokens are associated with individual Vessels and can be obtained in two ways:

  • Manually, by logging into squiddio and going to Dashboard -> [select your boat] -> Edit Boat profile -> APIs. (Note: You currently need to obtain a token by requesting it from
  • Programmatically by third-party applications using the standard Oauth2 flow. You can use one of the API Clients below, or implement your own Oauth2 flow in your application.

Tokens currently expire every 12 months.

Unauthenticated Requests

All GET requests for content governed by the Creative Commons Attribution and Share-alike License are not authenticated. This includes the entire repository of sailing Destinations (Marinas, Anchorages etc.) and electronic Navigation Aids.


For a JSON document of available endpoints, HTTP methods, parameters etc see: (a JSON viewer plugin is recommended if you access the file in your browser).

For definitions of key terms see:


To test requests and responses using a special-purpose token use the interactive console at:

Usage Limits

There are currently no limits on the number of API requests you can make (though this is subject to change in the future).

API Clients

Ruby Client

Node.js Client


Could I ask for anything more? Your contribution to the two above Client projects, and this Wiki would be wonderful!

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