Padpress is a theme for WP that will have the look & feeling of the iOS apps
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README - Padpressf
Mauro Parra <>

I liked the idea behind the Padpress project: two UX students creating a nice school project to get the best of the wordpress world to the ipad
 plataform, so you can have a natural look and feel, with all the advantages of the wordpress functionality. 

The original authors are Ismail, T. & Musbah, M., and you can find the original website at:

You can download the original version from:

*Forkity Fork* 

Looks like the development is stopped for now, there is no a repository for pushing contributions (check here: and
I think that the work it's interesting, so I will start "forking" this, and if I get something interesting, write them back to see if they 
accept my contribution to their main code. 

*Get the code if you want*

I want to modify this code as much as needed to provide most of the wordpress functionality into the ipad version. Since the original version is in 
GPL, I will honor that license as well. You are free to copy, use, modify, hack, etc the code.