Demos and sample for my "All our Aggregates are Wrong" talk
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All our Aggregates are Wrong - Demos

A microservices powered e-commerce shopping cart sample - based on SOA principles.

How to get the sample working locally

Get a copy of this repository

Clone or download this repo locally on your machine. If you're downloading a zip copy of the repo please be sure the zip file is unblocked before decompressing it. In order to unblock the zip file:

  • Right-click on the downloaded copy
  • Choose Property
  • On the Property page tick the unblock checkbox
  • Press OK

Check your machine is correctly configured

In order to run the sample the following machine configuration is required:

  • PowerShell execution policy to allow script execution, from an elevated PowerShell run the following:
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

NOTE: On a clean machine do not install latest version, as of this writing 13.1, of Microsoft ODBC Driver and Microsoft ODBC Command Line Utilities as the latter is affected by a bug that prevents the LocalDb instance to be accessible at configuration time.

Databases setup

To simplify LocalDB instance setup 2 PowerShell scripts, in the scripts folder, are provided for your convenience. Both need to be run from an elevated PowerShell console.

  • Run Setup-Databases.ps1, with elevation, to create the LocalDB instance and all the required databases
  • Run Teardown-Databases.ps1, with elevation, to drop all the databases and delete the LocalDB instance

The created LocalDB instance is named (localdb)\all-our-aggregates-are-wrong.

NOTE: If you receive errors regarding "Microsoft ODBC Driver", you can work around these by connecting to the (localdb)\(localdb)\microservices-done-right database using, for example, Visual Studio or SQL Managerment Studio, and running the SQL contained in the .sql file (Setup-Databases.sql or Teardown-Databases.sql) corresponding to the .ps1 file which raised the error.

NOTE: In case the database setup script fails with a "sqllocaldb command not found" error it is possible to install LocalDb as a standalone package by downloading it separately at

Startup projects

Solutions is configured to use the SwitchStartupProject Visual Studio Extension to manage startup projects. The extension is not a requirement, it's handy.

Ensure the following projects are set as startup projects:

  • WebApp
  • Marketing.API
  • Marketing.Services
  • Sales.API
  • Warehouse.API
  • Warehouse.Services
  • Shipping.API
  • Shipping.Services

NServiceBus configuration

This sample has no NServiceBus related pre-requisites as it's configured to use the new Learning Transport and Learning Persistence explicitly designed for short term learning and experimentation purposes.

They should also not be used for longer-term development, i.e. the same transport and persistence used in production should be used in development and debug scenarios. Select a production transport and persistence before developing features.

NOTE: Do not use the learning transport or learning persistence to perform any kind of performance analysis.