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The Distributed Big Ball of Mud
Au Premier · Bahnhofpl. 15 · Zürich · Room Bernina (first floor)
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Designing a UI for Microservices
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Mauro Servienti
Domain decomposition
ViewModel Composition

Designing a UI for Microservices

How do we design a UI when the back-end system consists of dozens (or more) microservices? We have separation and autonomy on the back end, but on the front end this all needs to come back together. How do we stop it from turning into a mess of spaghetti code? How do we prevent simple actions from causing an inefficient torrent of web requests? Join Mauro in building a Composite UI for Microservices from scratch, using .NET Core. Walk away with a clear understanding of what Services UI Composition is and how you can architect front end to be Microservices ready.

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