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NEO4J for Universal Windows Platform
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uwpAssignment NEO4J for Universal Windows Platform

Readme.txt Author: Mauricio Silva Rojas 14/01/2017

The following document is a brief explanation of the files inside the 'DB Files' folder.

1.CSV Files: Csv Files is the folder where all dataset for the database are located. (Windows users) Please copy and paste the files at: C:\Users(your windows username)\Documents\Neo4j\default.graphdb\server\import

  1. uwpAssignment: This is the full sourcde code of the .NET is the easy way to run in re-create the project in visual studio.

  2. Sample2DotNetMainCodeBrief.cs Sample of the main class, it will describe the connection and queries necessary for the project.

4.arrowmodelSample.cql The first model using tool

  1. modelFinal1 Is the database diagram of the model. Self explanatory with all relationships and nodes used in the two implementations

  2. Sample1 Full consrtuction database sample, simple for understan the model and queries of the simple recommendation system. (Follow instructions on file)

  3. Sample2 Constructor of a Full dataset using CSV files. 5000 ratings 750 users 150 products

  4. Inside uwpAssignment , you will find uwpAssignment_1.0.0.0_Test this folder contain all the certificates and installation files for UWP on windows 10 users.

//future Reference: The full implementation will be posted, for future implementations and research.

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