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What is it?

Command line tool that computes file hashes traversing recursively through a directory structure. Known hashes are saved to file and they can be used to verify the original files or a copy of them.

Quick start

Execute haskdeep without arguments and it will show you the help text:

user@host:~$ haskdeep

Usage: haskdeep COMMAND [-c|--computation MODE] [-r|--root DIRNAME] [-k|--known FILENAME]
  Computes hashes and audit a set of files

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -v,--version             Show version information
  -c,--computation MODE    md5 | sha1 | sha256 | skein512 - default md5
  -r,--root DIRNAME        Root directory - default current directory
  -k,--known FILENAME      Known hashes file - default known.haskdeep
  -e,--excl-regex REGEX    Exclude files or directories based on regex
  -f,--incl-mod-from DATE  Include files modified from yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ
  -t,--incl-mod-upto DATE  Include files modified up to yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ

Available commands:
  compute                  Computes file hashes and saves them to known hashes file
  audit                    Audits files comparing them to known hashes

Default usage:

  1. create known hashes of files contained in a root directory (traversed recursively)

     user@host:~$ haskdeep compute -c md5 -r myimportantfiles/ -k knownhashes.txt -e "tmp|\.log"
  2. verify a copy of the same files comparing them with known hashes

     user@host:~$ haskdeep audit -c md5 -r copyofmyimportantfiles/ -k knownhashes.txt -e "tmp|\.log"


Please see the file called LICENSE.


Heavily inspired by hashdeep:


For question and comments: