@dongilbert dongilbert released this Aug 4, 2017 · 4739 commits to staging since this release

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Change Log



  • #4555 fixed updating campaign members


  • #4574 Contact save error
  • #4560 Prevent SQL error when an event is deleted from a cloned campaign prior to it being saved
  • #4559 Prevent MauticJS.postEventDeliveryQueue[i] is not a function error
  • #4556 Fix for landing pages with forms not loading for logged in users
  • #4554 Bug webhook payload too big
  • #4547 Prevent exception when a plugin leverages the CustomTemplateEvent eve…
  • #4544 Fix bugs related to like/not like and segment membership
  • #4543 date time values from integration fix
  • #4540 fixed bug when updating records - added field priority
  • #4538 Company is_primary column default value fix
  • #4537 Fix setting button color with hash in color code (@MaxWebmecanik)
  • #4536 hiturl SQL error fixed when creating visited url segments fixed
  • #4535 Fixed campaign builder issues (@marcel-ambta)
  • #4509 Fix canceling scheduled campaign actions (@MaxWebmecanik)
  • #4409 Use the device model when creating a new device so that the events are dispatched

Developer Info

SHA-1: 2cdd26822bd4b37f95238bfd21caabe6051a3411

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @marcel-ambta, @MaxWebmecanik