@dongilbert dongilbert released this Mar 2, 2016 · 10765 commits to staging since this release

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Notes on the Release

This is a feature & bug fix release.

  1. Twig support has been added for themes.
  2. You can now have custom email signatures based on lead-owner.
  3. You can now edit and preview emails within the Campaign Builder
  4. This is the last version to support PHP 5.3 (I know we said that about 1.2.4, but really this time)

Change Log


  • #1412 [Feature] Twig support for themes. You can now write your themes in the Twig templating language. (@dongilbert)


  • #1257 [Feature] Add ability to preview & edit emails within the Campaign Buidler (@vln104)
  • #1388 [Bug] Fixed bug where campaign membership building failed to to SQL error (@alanhartless)



  • #1437 [Bug] Fix for null-byte poisoning that occurred when serializing ip details (@jkuchar)

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release: @alanhartless, @dongilbert, @escopecz, @jkuchar, @vln104