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Notes for the Release


The PHP minimum version is now 5.6.19. We decided to drop PHP 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5 support since the PHP project itself no longer supports them (5.5 is end of life as of July 11, 2016). We are also now able to support PHP 7! Prior to PHP 5.6.19, there was a bug in PDO MySQL (which Mautic uses by default) and thus the reason for a PHP minimum of 5.6.19.

The MySQL minimum version is now 5.5.3 in order to plan for MySQL's support of the utf8mb4 encoding in future releases (to support emoji's natively). PostgreSQL support has been dropped in order to be able to focus on optimization of Mautic data.

If your server does not meet these requirements, please upgrade to the minimums before upgrading Mautic. You can check your current versions by going to the admin menu in Mautic (the cogwheel upper right hand side) then to System Info

This release brings some schema changes that could impact how quickly an upgrade takes. This means that if you have a large number of leads, you should NOT upgrade through Mautic's upgrade UI. Instead you should update through the command line. However, 2.0 brought some backwards compatibility issues with our upgrade process due to changes in dependencies. Our CLI command, php app/console mautic:update:apply WILL NOT WORK. We have provided an upgrade script to use instead. Please download this script from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mautic/mautic/master/upgrade.php, place in the root of your Mautic installation, and run it from CLI with php upgrade.php. It will fetch 2.0.0 and proceed to upgrade your Mautic installation.

If you have a relatively small dataset, feel free to use the UI instead.

Highlighted Features

Froala editor

This release switches CKEditor in favor of Froala editor which has a more polished look and functionality. We love it and hope you do too!

New email and page builders!

Email and page builders have been overhauled to be cleaner and better. This means that custom themes have changed as well. We've added a bunch of built-in themes from https://www.sendwithus.com/resources/templates.

Dynamic web content

You can now push contact aware content to your web pages through Mautic campaigns. Using Javascript or an updated CMS plugin, inject dynamic content into your website.

Lifecycle stages

You can now track your contacts through various stages and lifecycles.

And more! See the full list below.

Change Log


  • #1779 #1921 #1906 #1915 #1911 [Pages] [Emails] Switched to Froala editor and added new page and email builder with new themes
  • #1882 #1905 [Channel] New dynamic content channel
  • #1825 #1908 [Integration] Fetch/sync leads with Salesforce
  • Updated Builders, CK editor replaced by Froala editor
  • #1770 [Contacts] New contact lifecycle stages
  • #1766 [Integration] Monitor Twitter mentions or hashtags and and tweet contacts via campaign
  • #1739 [Contacts] New contact UTM tag tracking/management
  • #1115 [Developer] [Plugins] Added new "extra" dropdown menu and support for plugins adding to the profile menu
  • #1114 [Developer] [Plugins] Added support for 3rd party plugin authentication
  • #1884 [Contacts] Attribution reporting for campaign events


  • #1587 [Contacts] Added support to use +/- in filters for relative dates (@ukkokumpulainen)
  • #1713 [UI] Updated Chartjs library and added date ranges for all graphs
  • #1684 [Developer] [Plugins] Added a point action event (@sahidjeurissen)
  • #1829 [Email] Include Amazon SNS processing for bounce management (@ecoeficiente)
  • Builder improvements
  • #1909 [UI] Hide points column on contacts list view for mobiles
  • Javascript handling for DynamicContent
  • #1893 [Email] Added {contactfield=} token support (in addition to {leafield=})
  • #1877 [Campaigns] Significantly decrease campaign detail page load times
  • #1867 [General] Fix race condition in script_executions.json (@PatchRanger)
  • #1833 [Core] [Developer] Start of refactoring to improve speed and performance, update Symfony to 2.8, and Doctrine to 2.5 bringing PHP 7 support.
  • #1795 [Campaigns] Add option to wait on failed campaign event executions before trying again (@LAN-Laurene)
  • #1771 [Developer] Automated testing by Travis-CI integration (@PatchRanger)
  • #1763 [Contacts] Improved contact query time performance
  • #1730 [Core] Updates emoji helper with the latest emoji
  • #1687 [Emails] Fix broken email fixtures for installing test data (@k127)
  • #1598 [Assets] Fixes encoding issue in asset naming (@LAN-Laurene)
  • #1580 [Campaigns] Improve campaign action to update contact profile data
  • #1400 [Email] Improve performance of getEmailPendingLeads (@arpesenti)
  • #1884 [Reports] Report optimizations to improve stability and performance with option to use report graphs as widgets


  • #1852 [Campaigns] Prevent new campaign temp IDs from being mistaken as an existing campaign (@s977043)
  • #1860 [Core] Prevent always_populate_raw_post_data error that affected AJAX in some cases (@PatchRanger)
  • #1846 [Configuration] Add check for opcache_invalidate function to prevent errors (@10257)
  • #1840 [Contacts] Fixed issue user couldn't re-subscribe contact manually from contact details page (@ayrad)
  • #1836 [Contacts] Fixed issue where bounced/unsubscribed filters no longer worked for segments
  • #1827 [Contacts] Prevented fatal errors when core fields are disabled
  • #1823 [Contacts] Prevent an issue where multiple DNC records are added for the email unsubscribe link
  • #1822 [Core] Fixed issue with the DateHelper::toText function that showed future dates as "x days ago"
  • #1821 [Integrations] Fixed error on authorizing LinkedIn
  • #1819 [Campaigns] Fixed issue with comparing contact fields with the campaign condition (@SamWebmecanik)
  • #1571 [Contacts] Avoid to import anonymous leads if the CSV has empty rows (@ps92)

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release: @10257, @arpesenti, @ayrad, @ecoeficiente, @k127, @LAN-Laurene, @PatchRanger, @ps92, @s977043, @sahidjeurissen, @SamWebmecanik, @ukkokumpulainen