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Change Log


  • #5854 Added plugin support for 3rd party SMS transports (@galvani)
  • #5797 Added new API endpoint to send a SMS to contact (@kuzmany)
  • #5794 Added plugin to integrate with Zapier per their app requirements (@escopecz)
  • #5644 Added ability to clone segments (@davevurby)
  • #5379 Track the source that created and identified a contact (displayed in the contact's History timeline) (@Dreiser)
  • #4800 New campaign condition based on a contact's campaign membership (@kuzmany)


  • #5790 Display URL custom fields with hyperlinks (@heathdutton)
  • #5730 Added support to add no-index header to landing pages (@kuzmany)
  • #5667 Added support to add no-index header to assets (@kuzmany)
  • #5715 Added chunking options to the broadcast command (@escopecz)
  • #5611 Added support to update company fields in tracking code (@kuzmany)
  • #5437 Implemented lead device tracking rather than contact ID tracking (@Dreiser)
  • #4732 Option to set contact as the reply to for the send form results post submit action (@captivea-ylb)
  • #5718 Updated vendors to latest patch versions (@escopecz)
  • #5621 Require OpenSSL for new installations and removed mcrypt as required (@Dreiser)
  • #5582 Improved campaign progress statistics user interface (@renjith341)


  • #5842 Fixed CRM not mapping company custom fields for new companies (@alanhartless)
  • #5841 Fixed bug in SF that did not use the nextUrl when syncing more than 2K and use SystemModStamp instead of LastModifiedDate (@alanhartless)
  • #5840 Only push companies for integration syncs if push is enabled (@alanhartless)
  • #5838 Added custom field alias constraint for database special keywords to prevent query errors (@escopecz)
  • #5835 Escape backslashes in company names (and just in case, contact emails) to prevent Salesforce query errors (@alanhartless)
  • #5834 Fixed issue with batch deleting custom fields where schema remained intact (@alanhartless)
  • #5812 Import command when delayed will return success instead of failure (@escopecz)
  • #5807 Save email stats before sending to ensure stat is available for emails sent immediately (@alanhartless)
  • #5804 Add lead to the log only after persisted to avoid cascade persist error (@escopecz)
  • #5800 Fixed email tokens that did not hydrate company data (@alanhartless)
  • #5762 Use appropriate for loop on preEventDeliveryQueue array instead of for…in (@dongilbert)
  • #5758 Fix social login with automatic generate form html code (@kuzmany)
  • #5754 Fixed case where special characters in forms embedded on landing pages may not show (@kuzmany)
  • #5752 Fixed issue with extending forms where data was not passed to the FormField through the $options array (@kuzmany)
  • #5750 Fixed setting contact's owner and stage via API (@escopecz)
  • #5741 Fixed email dynamic content owner lookup (@kuzmany)
  • #5735 Replace the use of eval-based JavaScript (@Flavien)
  • #5702 Fixed the UI for Form Field properties tab (@kuzmany)
  • #5701 Fixed problem with MailjetTransport header X-MJ-CUSTOMID (@XRaccourci)
  • #5697 Fix pending count on segment email (@Dcoutelle)
  • #5676 Prevented a PHP Notice, Undefined variable: companyFields (@escopecz)
  • #5675 Update the contact's primary company name after company name changed (@kuzmany)
  • #5666 Fixed API activity date filters (@Noa83)
  • #5620 Fixed Froala code view editor where image CSS was getting stripped (@GaberNeighbor)
  • #5616 Fixed multi-select field matching with SugarCRM (@stancel)
  • #5599 Prevent errors if trying to execute subsequent actions for a contact just removed from a campaign (@kuzmany)
  • #5551 Fix multiselect custom field in campaign condition (@kuzmany)
  • #5545 Fixed vTiger mapping issue (@kuzmany)
  • #5533 Fixed segmenting contacts based multi-select custom fields (@kuzmany)
  • #5520 Prevented creating duplicate contacts through the API due to sanitizing unique identifiers after checking for existing (@escopecz)
  • #5304 Fixed generated HTML for forms embedded into focus items (@kuzmany)
  • #5291 Added Zoho unit tests (@Dcoutelle)
  • #5258 Fixed syncing multi-select fields with Pipedrive (@kuzmany)

Developer notes

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @alanhartless, @brandner, @calevans, @captivea-ylb, @chendwww, @chrisinf, @coffeverton, @davevurby, @Dcoutelle, @dongilbert, @Dreiser, @dsp76, @escopecz, @Flavien, @GaberNeighbor, @galvani, @heathdutton, @johbuch, @justinfortes, @KaKite, @kuzmany, @manishbhatias, @mMuck, @mrerich, @Noa83, @npracht, @renjith341, @rowlandhill, @sarahwernik, @stancel, @XRaccourci, @YannickBiet, @yourdigitalclub

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