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This release focuses primarily on stability, but also includes some minor features and performance improvements.

Security Notes

This release fixes 1 security vulnerability:

  • CVE-2018-14773. The IIS-only X_ORIGINAL_URL and X_REWRITE_URL HTTP headers are removed.

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Developer Info

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release by code, bug report, testing and discussion: @alanhartless, @AlbanL74fr, @Araoo, @chamu1986, @chriscalabro, @dbhurley, @Dcoutelle, @dongilbert, @Dreiser, @Enc3phale, @escopecz, @FerRubioMorales, @galvani, @guizero, @heathdutton, @isleshocky77, @IV2KBMoFxYIA, @javjim-mautic, @jimspillane, @johbuch, @KaKite, @KalleVuorjoki, @kuzmany, @LevryKurniawan, @Lologam, @luizeof, @matishaladiwala, @Maxell92, @mbitokhov, @mitresh95, @mleffler, @mqueme, @nartcan, @Noa83, @npracht, @proffalken, @scottshipman, @silsha, @stancel, @vitordesousa, @Woeler, @YosuCadilla, @zofy29

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