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@alanhartless alanhartless released this Oct 6, 2016 · 8904 commits to staging since this release



This release addresses a security vulnerability in the API - all are recommended to update. (Thank you @MaxWebmecanik)

Feature Highlights

Dynamic Email Content: Users now have the ability to vary content in their email based on filters. Instead of creating multiple emails for slightly different messages, users can now save time by creating one email and can insert variations of content into the email. The content will be dynamic at the time of sending the email.

Account Based Marketing: A new entity has been created called ‘Companies’. Every contact will be associated to a Company and users will now have an all-company view of contacts. This means they will be able to see all contacts associated with a company, create filters and trigger actions based on company criteria. Marketers can now focus on nurturing, analyzing and converting a targeted group of accounts (or Companies) to implement Account Based Marketing.

Recency/Frequency: For contacts subject to frequency limits, emails sent to them are now put in a queue to send once the limit timeframe has passed. Users can specify the priority on marketing emails to prevent backlogs and ensure important messages are sent in a timely manner.

Update to forms – The form experience has been vastly improved. Users can now successfully pick a theme to apply to a form. In addition, results of a campaign form can be sent to a specified email address. Page breaks have been added to make forms more digestible to the contact filling out the form. Data from one form can be written to another. Syncing data between contact fields and forms has also been upgraded – changes made to contact fields can be easily written to forms; values from a form can be transformed and written to contact fields. Users also have the ability to further personalize thank you pages using tokens.

New Plugins: Two plugins have been created for this release. The first is the Gmail plugin. This is a Chrome and Firefox plugin that shows timeline data from Mautic right in the browser. Also, when writing an email to an individual, the email can be tracked and written to the contact’s timeline in Mautic by clicking a little checkbox. The second plugin is the Outlook plugin. Emails sent from Outlook can be written to and tracked in Mautic. Check these out!

Change Log


  • #2574 #2130 [Email] Build dynamic content in emails based on contact profile field data
  • #2563 [Plugin] Mautic focus - engage consumers with bars, modals, notifications and/or full page alerts
  • #2558 #2516 #2500 [Contact] Companies! Assign contacts to companies and segment by company fields
  • #2549 [Email] Marketing emails caught by a contact's or the default frequency rules are now queued - send with a new command based on date/priority
  • #2175 #2604 [Plugin] [Email] New Outlook and Gmail Plugins to notify Mautic of sent email directly from the email client and track it in Mautic
  • #2451 [Form] Form submit actions are now available for campaign forms
  • #2451 [Form] New re-post form submit action to submit to another form server-side when a Mautic form is submitted
  • #2451 [Form] [Contact] Support for label/value select/radio/checkbox options with option to keep in sync with a contact field
  • - #2451 [Form] New fields support including honeypot captcha, password, and page breaks
  • #2443 [Email] Summarizing the total click of website links in the email link table(@vinesh-sn)
  • #2351 [Contact] Added support for multi select custom contact field (@alecslupu)
  • #2312 [Email] Added Amazon SES bounce&complaint webhook (@wittwerch)
  • #2259 [Email] New send scheduled broadcasts command - you don't have to sit in front of your browser to send email broadcasts now
  • #2196 [Developer] Added onerror and onabort tracking pixel handlers. (@Hailong)
  • #2599 [Contacts] Search contacts by mutual segment membership (@ps92)
  • #2550 [Developer] Add cookie with contact ID on the domain being tracked
  • #2540 [Developer] Add support for javascript-based translations.
  • #2479 [Campaign] Campaign condition based on contact tags (@chandon)
  • #2462 [Developer] Code style fixed automagically via php-cs-fixer by pre-commit hook (@PatchRanger)


  • #2075 [General] Optimize commands output (@wittwerch)
  • #2564 [Developer] Further removal of MauticFactory use
  • #2542 [Developer] ModelFactory for dynamic model dependency requirements
  • #2493 [UI] [Contact] Add contact owner to contact view page (@MaxWebmecanik)
  • #2489 [UI] Show overflow in the App Wrapper when a Chosen dropdown is shown (@MaxWebmecanik)


  • #2593 [Contact] Check if a contact has any owner before trying to read his name
  • #2559 [Contact] Fixed query for filtering by tags
  • #2541 [Email] [Developer] Prevented error when using a InterfaceTokenTransport transport
  • #2538 [Contact] Fixed issue that deleted existing tags when a contact is imported (@chandon)
  • #2474 [Theme] HTML attributes in the Oxygen theme caused JS error
  • #2459 [Email] [Page] Froala useClasses option removed, imageOutputSize only for emails
  • #2456 [Developer] Upgrade doctrine/data-fixtures to avoid CircularReferenceException (@wittwerch)
  • #2454 [Email] [Page] Froala's froala_style.css removed as it was causing issues
  • #2446 [Email] Correct processing of FBL-reports (@PatchRanger)
  • #2428 [Email] Removed unnecessary output, which breaks setting cookies (@PatchRanger)
  • #2427 [Forms] Added support for form styles in themes
  • #2423 [Campaign] Fixed campaign conditions connected to the passive path
  • #2422 [Form] Any action in the form builder didn't work after apply
  • #2416 [Contact] Search contact by IP fixed
  • #2415 [Page] Page timeline PHP warning fix
  • #2397 [General] Fixed issue that prevented displaying timezones in users preference
  • #2393 [Email] Fixed sorting issue with emails and limits
  • #2392 [Contact] Fixed instances of checking contact permissions against created by rather than owner
  • #2378 [Update] Fixing updater when php_uname function is disabled
  • #2345 [Campaign] [UI] Fixed width of campaign event panels on mobile

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @alecslupu, @amagdy3, @cerebrumbr, @chandon, @dpeatross, @edwood79, @gpassarelli, @Hailong, @healthstatus, @hisaltesse, @insetic, @katalysis, @ldrrp, @maxitine, @MaxWebmecanik, @meggiebbq, @merlin0, @npracht, @PatchRanger, @paulofelixjunior, @pierreavizou, @ps92, @RCheesley, @reachadam, @stevegrant1983, @that0n3guy, @ToonGeneral, @versadial, @vihuarar, @vinesh-sn, @virlatinus, @wittwerch

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