@alanhartless alanhartless released this Dec 12, 2016 · 186 commits to staging since this release

Release Notes

Read this forum announcement regarding the plan for future releases (hint: explains why our change log is so short! :-)

Change Log


  • #3026 [Integration] Added support to pull contacts and companies from Hubspot


  • #3029 [Page] [Email] Wrap lines in code mode for readability


  • #3060 [Developer] Fixed contact API endpoints for tags and companies and added support for devices
  • #3057 [UI] [Developer] Fixed the known route/route params for ajax requests that caused mixed behavior for custom buttons
  • #3047 [Developer] Minor in TranslationModelTrait.php (@kuzmany)
  • #3039 [Campaign] [UI] Fixed issue where a campaign's progress bars/percentages exceeded 100%
  • #3034 [Report] Fixed bug that caused report to fatal on save if the data source was changed and filters added
  • #3033 [Segment] Fixed issue that caused boolean filters to fail on first save
  • #3031 [Contact] Fixed layout for preference center
  • #3030 [UI] [Form] Fixed malformed delete button on form results page
  • #3028 [General] Fix for Brazilan states (@trampos)
  • #2982 [Campaign] [Notification] Fixed error for notifications due to misnamed variable (@kuzmany)
  • #2975 [Form] Fixed issue that caused browser to freeze for manually copied and manipulated form HTML with validations (@ymaerschalck)

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @kuzmany, @mito, @trampos, @ymaerschalck