@alanhartless alanhartless released this Jan 3, 2017 · 8 commits to staging since this release

Change Log


  • #3113 [User] [Security] SAML SSO support
  • #3170 [Contact] Export contact timeline data
  • #3123 [Contact] Export filtered contacts from list view


  • #3061 [Email] Mailjet sandbox mode added (@qneyrat)
  • #3071 [Report] [Email] Read, unsubscribe, clicks, etc stats added to email and email stats reports (@kuzmany)
  • #3044 [Dynamic Content] Forms and Focus token support added to Dynamic Content (@kuzmany)
  • #2488 [Email] Send example emails to multiple users/email addresses(@vinesh-sn)
  • #2592 [Campaign] Improved support for date comparisons in campaign conditions (@nithinga)
  • #2980 [Notifications] Notification action button support added (@kuzmany)
  • #2999 [Contact] Keep the fingerprint hash for devices. (@Hailong)
  • #3004 [System] Added French "Régions" (@cpot)
  • #3075 [Developer] Append company data when pushing a contact to an integration.
  • #3093 [Form] Localized date radio group if contact field is date (@arulrajsm28)
  • #3084 [Campaign] empty/not empty and regexp/not regexp added to campaign condition and segment filter operators (@kuzmany)
  • #3080 [Email] Added read percent badge to emails list (@FarhadF)
  • #3118 [Email] Send example email immediately rather when queue is enabled (@arulrajsm28)
  • #3101 [General] [API] Search command ids: added to most list views


  • #3143 [Email] [Page] Prevented Froala content from getting trapped and improved drag/drop with scrolling
  • #3131 [Sms] [Notification] Fixed bad model names that prevented unlock overrides SMS and Notifications
  • #3119 [Form] Fixed issue with corrupt HTML for multiple selects for form fields embedded into a Mautic landing page (@mrinc)
  • #3074 [Point] Fix for "Notice: Undefined index: emails"
  • #2719 [Calendar] Fixed calendar to display based on permission

A big thank you to the following community members for contributing to this release either by code or bug report: @arulrajsm28, @cpot, @FarhadF, @Hailong, @kuzmany, @mrinc, @nicolas-multiminds, @nithinga, @qneyrat, @troelsfeodor, @vinesh-sn