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@alanhartless alanhartless released this Jan 11, 2020 · 56 commits to 3.x since this release

This is an ALPHA RELEASE and thus THERE WILL BE BUGS. Please DO NOT use this with production data!

Mautic 3 is namely a major maintenance release that upgrades vendors to the supported versions, increases PHP's minimum version to 7.2, and increases MySQL's minimum version to 5.7. There are no new marketing features.

Mautic 3 is built on Symfony 3.4. It continues to have a Bootstrap 2 frontend with jQuery upgraded to version 3. Swiftmailer has also been updated to version 6.

Plugin developers can review for BC changes.


User facing changes

  • {leadfield=...} tokens were removed. Use {contactfield=...} tokens instead.
  • Supported PHP versions are 7.2 and 7.3
  • Console was moved to another directory. Update all your cron job and replace app/console with bin/console
  • The Rackspace and OpenStack plugins for remote assets were removed due to outdated library from Rackspace.


  1. Deprecated keys error and error_description in API responses have been removed. If your code checks for these keys in a response, it needs to be changed to check for the errors key instead. {"errors":[{"message":"An error occurred","code":500}]}
  2. Support for old, deprecated routes have been removed. Replace these routes with those on the right.
Removed Route Use Instead
/api/campaigns/{id}/contact/add/{leadId} /api/campaigns/{id}/contact/{leadId}/add
/api/campaigns/{id}/contact/remove/{leadId} /api/campaigns/{id}/contact/{leadId}/remove
/api/companies/{companyId}/contact/add/{contactId} /api/companies/{companyId}/contact/{contactId}/add
/api/companies/{companyId}/contact/remove/{contactId} /api/companies/{companyId}/contact/{contactId}/remove
/api/contacts/{id}/dnc/add/{channel} /api/contacts/{id}/dnc/{channel}/add
/api/contacts/{id}/dnc/remove/{channel} /api/contacts/{id}/dnc/{channel}/remove
/api/contacts/{id}/events /api/contacts/{id}/activity
/api/emails/{id}/send/contact/{leadId} /api/emails/{id}/contact/{leadId}/send
/api/segments/{id}/contact/add/{leadId} /api/segments/{id}/contact/{leadId}/add
/api/segments/{id}/contact/remove/{leadId} /api/segments/{id}/contact/{leadId}/remove
/api/stages/{id}/contact/add/{contactId} /api/stages/{id}/contact/{contactId}/add
/api/stages/{id}/contact/remove/{contactId} /api/stages/{id}/contact/{contactId}/remove


The following webhook events included duplicated contact profile data in both a lead and contact key.

  • Contact Deleted Event
  • Contact Points Changed Event
  • Contact Updated Event
  • Contact Identified Event

lead has been removed from the above events in favor of contact; thus receiving scripts that are gleaning profile data from the lead key need to be changed to use contact instead.

Pending for Alpha 2

SHA1 5ed60974565a8febc0edd16692e08975701adc1b

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