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Mautic Community 4.0.2

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Bugs 馃悶

  • Fixed mautic:unusedip:delete #10589 #10536
  • Fix Amazon SES API transport multiple unsubscribe header using send immediately #10557
  • Fix sync salesforce if company has name with html entity code of singlequote #10535
  • Do not write to console when updating segments if quiet flag is specified #10533 #10531
  • Focus: hide form If we use notice type of popups #10527
  • Fix email translations lost and overwritten by parent #10525
  • Fix salesforce sync companies even are disabled #10497
  • Fix Preference Center Javascript issue #10495
  • Fix set values from properties for state field #10486
  • Fix form field campaign condition with special character in value #10470
  • Fix Invalid clickthrough value exception #10444
  • Fix date range in segments and reports does not trigger ajax request #10421
  • Fix Illegal Address - Enclosing sender name with double quotes #10326
  • Guzzle Http refactor #10308
  • Fix API creating tag duplicates #10270
  • Fix form submit messages length #10266
  • Fix dashboard report line graphs #10209
  • Fix display zero values in reports #10167
  • Unable to perform "Change campaign" Action for removing a contact from one and adding to another campaign #10151
  • Fix process string in contact's audit log #10061
  • Salesforce: Check DNC status #9956
  • Some winner criteria not working properly in A/B Tests #9936
  • Add select/multiselect to NormalizedValueDAO from internal object #9919
  • Fix duplicate entry for key campaign_rotation #9639
  • Fix campaign trigger inactive schedule decision after scheduled event #9486
  • Fix A new entity was found through the relationship 'Mautic\LeadBundle\Entity\Company#owner #9328
  • Fix campaign membership syncing when an issue such as api limits occur #7514

鉂わ笍 Contributors

We'd like to thank all the contributors who worked on this release!

SHA1( c989ccadf14e8282d7a5e24048e696ad4b4d70ea
SHA1( 7e9ec4dfd966eeedc8a5ce368d7be0a517ba3bec