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.irssi Change default channels
.mutt Fix navigation in search results
.tmux Factor common tmux status script variables
.vim Add external repositories as submodules
.xmodmap More keyboard layout structuring.
.zsh Add external repositories as submodules
.Rprofile Simplify .Rprofile
.Xdefaults Color tweaks.
.dir_colors Solarize GNU dir_colors
.editrc Add command to clear screen to libedit config.
.gdbinit Prettify GDB prompt.
.ghci Add GHC configuration file.
.gitconfig Enable 'git rerere'
.gitignore Rework mutt & offlineimap setup
.gitmodules Add external repositories as submodules
.haskeline Add Haskeline UI configuration.
.inputrc Enabling vi-mode for applications respecting .inputrc.
.irbrc Enabling Ruby irb history.
.latexmkrc Do not reference Skim's absolute path.
.lbdbrc Email update: Mutt + offlineimap + lbdb.
.muttrc Small Mutt color order bugfix Rework mutt & offlineimap setup
.offlineimaprc Do not overwrite generated mailboxes in quick mode
.plan Initial import.
.screenrc Merge two .screenrc files.
.tmux.conf Solarize tmux and prettify load delimiter
.urlview mutt: support for different sender profiles
.vimrc Add external repositories as submodules
.zpath Fix invalid sourcing of zsh path/env files.
.zshenv Remove troublesome environment variables.
.zshrc Fix a few inclusion order problems.
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