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# The directory where gitdub keeps its per-repository state.
directory: .gitdub
# Bind to all addresses by default.
# The TCP port to listen on.
port: 8888
# SSL options. Relative paths names have to be specified relative to the
# above directory.
enable: false
cert: /path/to/gitdub.crt
key: /path/to/gitdub.key
# Enable debugging. This prints the contents of the HTTP POST body to STDERR.
debug: false
# Only process POST requests from the these IP addresses (optioanl). If empty
# or not set, gitdub processes requests from all addresses.
# Github only: watch for up-to-date listing in the hooks section
# here
#allowed_sources: [,,]
allowed_sources: []
# Flag that determines whether the first arriving data results in sending
# emails. If false, gitdub sends out an email for every single commit since
# the repository creation. If true, the first arriving data only marks all
# existing commits as emailed without actually sending a notice.
silent_init: true
# The interval in seconds of how often to check the file for modifications.
# If the modification time of the configuration file is new than the time it
# was read last, gitdub re-reads all configuration values except for bind,
# port, and ssl.
monitor: 0
# The email sender. (Can be overriden for each repository.)
from: gitdub
# The list of email receivers. (Can be overriden for each repository.)
to: [,]
# The email subject prefix. (Can be overriden for each repository.)
subject: '[git]'
# The github configuration. Each entry represents either a single repository or
# all repositories for a given user/organization name.
# A basic entry specifying settings for a single repository.
- id: mavam/gitdub
protocol: ssh # Allowed protocols: git (default), ssh, https
to: []
subject: '[git/gitdub]'
# Optional customization of repository URI displayed in email body.
uri: ssh://
# A wildcard entry that specifies settings for all repositories of a user or
# organization.
#- id: mavam/.*
# subject: '[foo]'
# to: []
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