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This directory contains the translations of the textual elements of the cookbook.


Each language has one (or more) maintainers responsible for the quality and life cycle of the corresponding dictionary. Feel free to contact the maintainer(s) regarding any issues with the translation. The preferred way of doing so is by opening a new issue. If you would like to be the maintainer for a new language, please contact me and CC existing maintainers for that language (if there are any).

Adding a New Language

To facilitate the translation process, I use the translator LaTeX package. Each language is a separate dictionary file, named in the format probstat-LANGUAGE.dict. In order to add a new dictionary for an unsupported language, say German, please follow these steps.

  1. Fork the repository and create a new branch with the language name:

    git checkout -b german
  2. Create a new file probstat-german.dict based on probstat-english.dict:

    cp probstat-{english,german}.dict
  3. Make your changes. A dictionary consists of lines of key-value pairs, where the key is the immutable unique English identifier for a text snippet and the value is the corresponding translation. For example, the line

    \newtranslation{maintitle}{Probability and Statistics}

    translates the key maintitle to Probability and Statistics. The default dictionary is English. Because English is just yet another language, you will see a lot of lines of the form


    where key and value are the same. When creating a new dictionary, simply leave the key intact and change value. For example, to translate the above line to German, you would change it to:


    Finally, the first line of your new dictionary should convey the name of the new language, e.g.,

  4. Add the new file to the repository:

    git add probstat-german.dict
    git commit -a -m 'Add a German dictionary.'
  5. Create a pull request so that I can integrate your translation.

Tweaking Existing Translations

If you are unhappy with a certain translation or have suggestions for improvements, you have two options.

  1. Open a new issue and contact the maintainer of the corresponding language to discuss the changes.

  2. Create a pull request and contact the maintainer(s). Once the maintainer(s) give green light, I pull in the changes.

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