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Visibility Across Space and Time
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Fix Clang 3.4 CRTP woes

Function return types declared as auto in CRTP base classes cause Clang
3.4 to bail out when compiling with debug symbols.
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Visibility Across Space and Time (VAST) is a unified platform for network forensics and incident response.


Start a VAST node with debug log verbosity in the foreground and spawn all core actors:

vastd -l 5 -f -c

Import Bro logs or a PCAP trace in one shot:

zcat *.log.gz | vast import bro
vast import pcap -r trace.pcap

Query VAST and get the result back as PCAP trace:

vast export pcap -h sport > 60000/tcp && src !in




The VAST docker container provides a quick way to get up and running:

docker pull mavam/vast
docker run --rm -ti mavam/vast
> vast -h

Source Build

Building VAST involves the following steps:

make test
make install

Required dependencies:

  • A C++14 compiler:
    • Clang >= 3.4
    • GCC >= 4.9
  • CMake
  • CAF
  • Boost (headers only)



VAST development primarily takes place on FreeBSD because it ships with a C++14 compiler and provides all dependencies natively, which one can install as follows:

pkg install cmake boost-libs caf google-perftools


To the best of our knowledge, no distribution currently comes with an apt compiler out of the box. On recent Debian-based distributions (e.g., Ubuntu 14.04.1), getting a working toolchain requires installing the following packages:

apt-get install cmake clang-3.5 libc++-dev libc++abi-dev \
  libboost-dev libpcap-dev libgoogle-perftools-dev

CAF still needs manual installation.

Mac OS

Mac OS Yosemite also ships with a working C++14 compiler. Homebrew makes it easy to install the dependencies:

brew install cmake boost caf google-perftools


VAST comes with a 3-clause BSD licence.

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