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Matthias Vallentin

This repository hosts the source code for my personal website at


This site uses the static-site generator nanoc to drive the preprocessing and compilation of the various frameworks unified in this project:

  1. Bundler manages the Ruby dependencies, listed in Gemfile.

  2. Bower to manage the various web frameworks. Examples include Foundation and Font Awesome. The file bower.json configures all used packages in this project.

  3. Compass as CSS/SASS framework. In the configuration file compass_config.rb, one can import SCSS from the various frameworks bower installed in content/assets/components.

  4. We use HAML to write clean and concise HTML markup.

The repository layout

  |----aux/                   Auxiliary external data 
  |----content/               The site content
  |----|----assets/           Resources
  |----|----|----components   Bower packages
  |----|----|----images       Images
  |----|----|----scripts      JavaScript scripts
  |----|----|----stylesheets  (S)CSS
  |----layouts/               Site layouts written in HAML
  |----lib/                   Additional Ruby code for use in layouts
  |----bower.json             Bower package manager configuration
  |----compass_config.rb      SASS configuration
  |----nanoc.yaml             Nanoc configuration
  |----Rules                  Nanoc compilation rules

The Rules file describes the compilation process in detail.


You need Ruby >= 2.3 and node JS to compile the site. (On Mac OS, brew install ruby node does the trick.) Make sure you have bundler and bower installed:

gem install bundler
npm -g install bower

Thereafter, configure the project by installing potentially missing dependencies:

bundle install
bower install

You're set. Now compile the site as follows:

bundle exec nanoc

Serve the compiled site at http://localhost:3000:

bundle exec nanoc view

To make the edit-compile-view cycle more efficient, you can also use Guard to watch filesystem changes and automatically recompile the site:

bundle exec guard

If you're tired of manually hitting reload in the browser, just install the LiveReload extension.


After compiling and visually inspecting the changes, perform the unit tests:

bundle exec nanoc check --all

In order to push the new site upstream, you need to setup this very git repository in the output directory in branch gh-pages:

cd output
git init .
git remote add origin THIS_ORIGIN
git fetch
git checkout -f gh-pages # force overwrite to get current state

Thereafter, use nanoc to automatically push your changes upstream:

bundle exec nanoc deploy


Please consult the licensing terms for details.