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Livly is a non-distracting and useful New Tab page for Google Chrome, providing shortcuts to your favorite webpages, with a new, beautiful background every day.

If you don't like the picture of the day, just cycle through the images until you find one you like.

Min resolution: 800x680

Download from Chrome Web Store

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User Guide


To access the bookmarks, click on the up arrow at the bottom of the page, or press the space-bar to open and close it.

Edit Bookmarks

Via User Interface

Right click on one of the bookmarks. You can then enter in a url and name. Then click Save.


To change your name, double-click on your name, and enter in the new value.

Picture Credits

To see the picture credits for the current image, press the 'i' key.

Via Chrome Console

var bm = JSON.parse(localStorage.bookmarks);
// Edit as you like, example:
bm.bookmarks[1] = {url: 'http://mavcook.com', icon: '', name: 'Maverick Cook', short_name: 'Mavcook'}
// Save
localStorage.bookmarks = JSON.stringify(bm)

Then reload the newtab page. To get back to defaults


hint: you can add/remove bookmarks this way too.

Image rights

I use public domain images for the backgrounds, however I would still like to have the photographers credited. Some of the links I saved to the images are now broken, so if you find a photographer of a photo, or any information marked 'unknown' in credits.json, please make a pull request with the updates.


To see new features and bug fixes in the work, or to make requests, go here:



Livly will always be free. There won't be a pro-version, or any paid version like that. So if you like Livly and wish to support futher development, or support feeding my stomach, you can make a donation using the links below:

Venmo @maverick-cook PayPal