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May 4, 2020

Maven Central

Download Plugin for Maven

This is a plugin meant to help maven user to download different files on different protocol in part of maven build.

WARNING about artifactId: Until version 1.1, the plugin artifactId used to be maven-download-plugin, however Maven conventions makes that this name is not allowed for a plugin which is not part of the Apache Maven project. So starting from version 1.2-SNAPSHOT, the plugin artifactId is download-maven-plugin. The following documentation will get updated when releasing download-maven-plugin:1.2.


This Maven plugin should be available on Maven Central. But in case you can't find it on Central for some reason, here is the repository to add to your pom:


You can use some alternative repositories. See for details.

Basic Usage

"Artifact" goal

Meant to be used from anywhere on the system to download an artifact at a specific location. Does not need a pom file to be run and can be used directly from the command line. Can be an alternative to maven-dependency-plugin:get or [maven-dependency-plugin:unpack]( maven-dependency-plugin:unpack) mojoes.

mvn com.googlecode.maven-download-plugin:download-maven-plugin:1.6.0:artifact -DgroupId=com.googlecode -DartifactId=maven-download-plugin -Dversion=0.1 -DoutputDirectory=temp

"WGet" goal

This is meant to provide the necessary tooling for downloading anything in your Maven build without having to use Ant scripts. It provides caching and signature verification.



Maven help

To get basic plugin help, type in the command :

mvn com.googlecode.maven-download-plugin:download-maven-plugin:help

To get a more detailed help, type command :

mvn com.googlecode.maven-download-plugin:download-maven-plugin:help -Ddetail

Generated documentation

See also generated documentation pages for 1.6.0 and for snapshot.



Issue Tracker and wikis...

Are maintained at GitHub (links above).


The recommended way to contribute is to use Gerrit and GerritHub: . Gerrit is pretty convenient as it manages topic branches automatically, allows a better tracking of various versions of a patch, enforce 1 commit per change and prevents from merge commits without payload.

Alternatively, this project support GitHub PR, but enforce some rules for decent tracking: 1 Change Request == 1 PR == 1 commit, if a change can be made by iterations, then use a specific PR for each iteration.

Other links

Project metrics on Ohloh: Ohloh

Former project page at Google Code:


These are a few plugins to help maven user to download different files on different protocol in part of maven build.



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