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A sample application to convert a CSV file to a flat file.
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DataConveyer_ConvertCsvToFlat is a sample console application to convert a CSV file to a flat (fixed-width field) file. It uses Data Conveyer to perform the conversion.

The input file is expected to contain aircraft data along with IATA and ICAO codes. Like so:

"Airbus A320","320","A320"
"Boeing 747","747",\N

There is a sample input file (200+ lines, 8+KB) included in ...Data folder. The file is a copy of planes.dat file, which is licensed under Open Database License.

Upon execution, the resulting output file will contan translations from the IATA code into the aircraft names (ICAO codes get discarded). Like so:

320 - Airbus A320
747 - Boeing 747


  • Fork this repository and clone it onto your local machine, or

  • Download this repository onto your local machine.


  1. Open DataConveyer_ConvertCsvToFlat solution in Visual Studio.

  2. Build and run the application, e.g. hit F5

    • a console window with directions will show up.
  3. Copy an input file (e.g. planes.dat from ...Data folder) into the ...Data\In folder

    • the file will get processed as reported in the console window.
  4. Review the contents of the output file placed in the ...Data\Out folder.

  5. (optional) Repeat steps 3-4 for other additional input file(s).

  6. To exit application, hit Enter key into the console window.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.


Apache License 2.0


Copyright © 2019 Mavidian Technologies Limited Liability Company. All Rights Reserved.
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