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Terminal Twitter

A Twitter CLI for hackers.



$ pip install terminal-twitter

###Build from Source

$ git clone https://github.com/mavidser/terminal-twitter.git
$ cd terminal-twitter

Now run setup.py file.

$ python setup.py install

Note: Needs Python 2.7 to run.


Setup Twitter

Though this step is optional, it's recommended that you use your own keys, which you can get by creating an app on Twitter and setting the permissions to Read/Write.

$ tt setup

Display your twitter feed

$ tt        # Use --no-pager flag if you want the tweets in a
            # contiuous output instead of a pager.

Display 50 tweets from your twitter feed

$ tt -n 50  # or $ tt --num 50

Retweet a tweet

$ tt rt 5  # Retweets the tweet on index 5

Favorite a tweet

$ tt fav 5  # Favorite the tweet on index 5

Open a tweet in the browser

$ tt browse 5  # Opens the tweet on index 5

Reply to a tweet

$ tt reply 5  # Replies to the tweet on index 5.
              # Use --photo flag to reply with a photo.

Compose a tweet

$ tt compose

Compose a tweet containing an image

$ tt compose --photo # Insert filename/path to the picture when prompted.
                     # Alternatively, drag the picture in the terminal when prompted.

Display help

$ tt --help